Low pressure water mist system

Less water than classic sprinkler

EconAqua needs up to 85% less water than classic sprinkler systems. This level of efficiency is usually only achieved by expensive high pressure water mist extinguishing systems which operate at a working pressure of 100 to 140 bar. For EconAqua a maximum working pressure of 16 bar is sufficient. EconAqua is a sprinkler system that uses water efficiently and hence reduces to need to store large quantities of water for the fire protection system. It is therefore used where limited water is available, either trough lack of available supply or where the end-user is concerned about the damages caused to valuable inventory through high amount of water used during activation of the sprinkler system. In addition the system can be used for protection of buildings with limited possibilities for water supply or with lack of space for large piging networks. EconAqua is also an ideal system for retrofitting of older or existing buildings.

EconAqua systems are suitable for protecting the following risk classifications:
- LH (Light Hazard)
- OH1 (Ordinary Hazard Group 1) (which do not involve risks to prudution)
- OH2 (Ordinary Hazard Group 2) (only multi-level car parks/unterground)
- OH4 (Ordinary Hazard Group 4) (assembling rooms)

Areas of use:

  • Schools, Universities and other education establishments
  • Official and Government buildings
  • Official and Administration buildings
  • Banks, Confernece rooms
  • IT-rooms, Datacenters
  • Hospitals, Retirement homes and other care facilities
  • Hostels, Apartment houses
  • Churches, Data processing rooms
  • Parking garages, Unterground parking
  • Railsway stations
  • Double floors and false ceilings

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