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Stationary extinguishing systems protect people, assets and the environment. Incipient fires must be detected and brought under control or extinguished as quickly as possible. If this does not happen, a small flame can develop into a raging fire in just a few minutes. Only automatic, stationary extinguishing systems can protect people, companies and the environment against unforeseeable damage - trained personnel or fire fighters are not always on hand to intervene in time. Automatic extinguishing systems detect and suppress fires at an early stage.

All-in-one fire protection service

Our competence in planning, delivery, installation, and maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire alarm and detection system have been proven a thousand times already. ACCURO knows how to use entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, quality as well as high level of expertise of its employees for the benefit of the customer.

Specialist expertise coupled with commitment - ACCURO has prided itself on this motto since it was founded in 1976. Our unique market position today allows us to offer our customers the best solutions for the required applications - be it a sprinkler system for a warehouse in Vienna, a gas extinguishing system for a power plant in the Andes, or a foam extinguishing system for an oil depot in the Sahara. ACCURO can design and supply a suitable extinguishing system to meet every requirement and guideline. ACCURO supplies what the customer needs - not what we need to sell from our own production.


Solutions for Industry

excerpt of our projects

EconAqua® automatic low-pressure water fog system

Econ-Aqua® automatic low-pressure water fog system for protection against vertical flashover

Stationary Spray Water Extinguishing System

with foam for 4 transformer á 267MVA incl. three phase earthing transformer

Low Pressure Water Mist Extinguishing System

In the course of the renovation of the Hotel Sacher, some areas were protected with a low pressure water mist extinguishing system of the EconAqua type.

Extinguishing System Diesel Power Plant

MAN Diesel & Turbo has received an EPC-contract to build a power plant for the Arabian Cement Company (ACC) in Saudi Arabia. This power plant was equipped with engines and will be provide power to a cement factory in Rabigh.

Halon Replacement Project

Service and Maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems and water-based, foam, and gas extinguishing systems

Gas Detection incl. Fire Detection

ANDRITZ Hydro is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“from water-to-wire“) for hydropower plants and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation. Andritz Hydro has awarded a contract to ACCURO Sonderlöschanlagen GmbH for the supply of a gas extinguishing system of the Burfell extension hydropower station in Iceland.