Stationary powder extinguishing systems

Use with liquids, gases and certain chemicals

Dry powder is delivered and distributed to the extinguishing area by nozzles through a piping network

Powder extinguishing systems are permanently installed in places where, in the event of liquid, gas and certain chemical fires, other extinguishing agents would not guarantee a safe extinguishing procedure.

When the system is manually activated (e.g. via the push-button) or after an automatic detection (e.g. via the flame or smoke detector), the extinguishing powder stored in the container (ABC, BC or D powder depending on the application) is pressurised via a propellant, guided through a piping network to the extinguishing nozzles and rapidly sprayed over the extinguishing area.

If the extinguishing area is a closed room in which people are also present, they must be evacuated before extinguishing due to the risk of suffocation. After the acoustic alarm, a delay period must be set in order to ensure a safe evacuation of the area.

As the extinguishing powder leaves behind heavy soiling, it should only be used if no alternative measure is possible. Electronic appliances must, under no circumstances, be protected with powder extinguishing systems.

Areas of use for powder extinguishing systems include for example:

  • Transfer stations for gas and oil
  • Chemical factories
  • Boiler plants
  • Fuel depots
  • Compressor and pumping stations
  • Oil depots
  • Mills
  • Hydraulic plants
  • LPG and chemical tankers
  • Hazardous waste plants, etc.

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