Special extinguishing systems

FireDeTec® / Spark extinguishing systems


FireDeTec® is a simply designed and cost-effective automatic gas extinguishing system. The basic model works without an electrical power supply. In general, the system consists of a polyethylene tube, a cylinder valve and a steel cylinder filled with extinguishing gas.

The principle:

If the temperature increases to over approx. 80°C, the tube installed in the protective area will melt. The extinguishing gas is therefore released directly from the tube (direct extinguishing) or a separate piping network (indirect extinguishing) into the extinguishing area to suppress the fire.

Direct extinguishing:

The tube installed in the extinguishing area is attached to the extinguishing agent cylinder and is responsible for both the detection of a fire (bursts following an increase in temperature) and for releasing the extinguishing gas into the extinguishing area. FM200 and CO2 amongst others can be used as the extinguishing gases. The system is largely designed for the protection of small extinguishing areas (e.g. electrical switch cabinets).

Indirect extinguishing:

In contrast to direct extinguishing, in this case the polyethylene tube is not directly filled with extinguishing gas but with nitrogen. It does not function as a flooding tube but rather is solely responsible for opening the cylinder valve. In the event of a fire, the polyethylene tube bursts and leads to a drop in pressure. This drop in pressure triggers the gas cylinder valve to open. As a result, the extinguishing gas is released from the steel cylinder and enters the extinguishing area through a fixed piping network. The indirect extinguishing method is largely used for larger extinguishing areas (approx. 40 m3).

Advantages of the system:

FireDeTec ensures that a fire is extinguished at an early stage through a rapid and accurate reaction, short extinguishing times and small quantities of extinguishing agent. The tube can be laid in a range of different ways and can be carried out directly through the unit to be protected. It should be ensured that the surface of the protected units is not hotter than 80 °C.

In comparison to automatic gas extinguishing systems which work in combination with an extinguishing agent control panel, smoke detectors and heat detectors, FireDeTec is a cost-effective alternative.

Using this technology, sparks which are triggered by processing machines and transported to filters or silos through.

Spark extinguishing systems

Using this technology, sparks which are triggered by processing machines and transported to filters or silos through extraction pipes, are detected and extinguished. If the sparks are not detected and extinguished in time, they may lead to large-scale fires or dust explosions.

In order to detect the sparks, spark detectors are inserted in suitable locations (preferably in a pipeline manifold). Spark alarms react almost immediately and an extinguishing water unit is activated within fractions of a second via the control panel. The extinguishing water cools or extinguishes the sparks. Silos and other storage tanks therefore remain protected from any effects of the fire

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