Fire alarm and fire control systems

Hazard alarm System that initiates appropriate measures

After a fire has been detected, an acoustic or visual warning signal is emitted

A fire alarm system is an alarm that receives signals from different fire alarms, assesses these and then triggers the appropriate action. A wide range of different technologies can be used for fire detection. The most common alarms are smoke and temperature detectors.

The main reason behind the use of fire alarm systems is to detect the outbreak of fire at a very early stage, even without human presence, and therefore prompt the appropriate steps to be taken. After a fire has been detected, an acoustic or visual warning signal (siren and flashing lights) is emitted. Depending on the system design, the fire brigade can also be alerted or an automatic extinguishing system can be activated.

ACCURO has been certified by a national accredited testing authority for the construction of fire alarm systems and control panels. The majority of fire alarm systems made by ACCURO are combined with an automatic extinguishing system.

ACCURO is able to offer a wide range of different brands including Esser, Kentec, Notifire, Mircom and Hochiki. ACCURO also has experience and trained employees for many products. The brand used depends on customer requests or the distribution of the brand in the country in which it was made.

Fire detection

In order to successfully fight a fire, the early detection of a developing fire is essential. If the source of the fire is not detected and extinguished at an early stage, it will quickly develop into a raging fire. The ensuing heat and flue gases released therefore make the fire brigade's task of extinguishing the fire extremely difficult if not impossible.

The most common detectors currently available on the market include:

  • Optical smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Multi-criteria detectors (optical and thermal)
  • Flame detectors (IR and UV)
  • Aspirating smoke detectors (very early smoke detection)
  • Linear heat detectors (linear detection cable)
  • Push-button alarms

In addition to selecting the right type of detector (smoke, heat, fire alarm, etc.), the appropriate engineering method is also extremely important. A high-quality detector that has been installed in the wrong place will not achieve the desired effect.

ACCURO offers highly qualified and experienced technicians to correctly position the detectors. ACCURO therefore ensures that all areas and applications can be covered.


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