Service and Maintenance
ACCURO Fire protection Systems

In order to increase the service life and functionality of automatic extinguishing systems, it is necessary to maintain the systems regularly. In order to be able to enforce compliance, regular inspection and maintenance has also become a part of the approval and technical guidelines.

Due to the various extinguishing systems that we have installed over decades, we are also able to service each system individually and carry out maintenance work every year. Thus, we ensure the proper function of the system. Our specially trained service technicians are at your disposal for this purpose.

In order to be able to continue to ensure the high quality level for services in the field of plant-related fire protection, as well as to achieve the defined scope of protection of the plant-related fire protection system, we recommend that these services be carried out exclusively by specialist companies that are accredited by a certification body for the respective service phase required have been certified.

The current lists of companies that provide proof of competence for the required service phase
the respective technical fire protection system can be found under the following links: