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Waste incineration plant Flötzersteig

Wien Energie, Waste incineration plant Flötzersteig

The Flötzersteig waste incineration plant in Ottakring is Vienna's oldest such existing plant. At the same time, it is also the oldest waste incineration plant in Austria and is part of Wien Energie.

The operating company of several waste incineration plants, has chosen Accuro Sonderlöschanlagen GmbH as supplier for the renewal of the fire extinguishing system, which is responsible for the fire protection of the municipal waste bunker, at the Flötzersteig site (Vienna, Austria).

In September 2016, the fully automatic extinguishing system with two fire monitors controlled by thermal imaging cameras with foam admixture was put into operation by Accuro technicians.

When fire is detected by thermal imaging cameras, the monitor system with foam admixture automatically starts the extinguishing process in the waste bunker.

The extinguishing monitors can also be operated and controlled manually by means of two portable control units with touch screens.

After commissioning the system, the client, Wien Energie, expressed its complete satisfaction with the performance of the system supplied by Accuro.

Automatic water extinguishing system video:


Wien Energie

Execution period:

06/2016 – 09/2016

Scope of suply:

  • Renewal of 2 extinguishing monitors including their foam proportioner
  • Renewal of the remote control
  • Renewal of the complete control system
  • Integration of the new system into the existing thermal imaging camera system

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