Fire Extinguishing with Automatic Monitors

Müller-Guttenbrunn Group, Amstetten

Fire Extinguishing with Automatic Monitors

Müller-Guttenbrunn Group consists of a number of recycling companies in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, and a trading company in Switzerland. MGG Metran at the town of Amstetten in Austria is the company within the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group which processes non-ferrous shredder residues, mixed metals and metal-containing slags into sorted fractions for smelters. The delivered materials are temporarily stored in the plant's incoming waste storage hall for further processing.

The newly installed fire extinguishing system with automatic monitors with optimally protects the incoming waste storage hall around the clock. If the Early Fire Detection System detects a hot spot, the fire monitor is automatically directed into the affected sector and begins to deliver extinguishing agents. By early detection and cooling of the hot spot, further damage to systems and costly production downtime can be minimized. Likewise, the automatic monitors can be also be operated manually by the plant operator at any time.

Video of the fire extinguishing system with automatic monitors:

* The LACS serve as an interface between a conventional detection system and the automatic fire extinguishing monitor. The incoming signals are converted into control commands for the automatic fire extinguishing monitor and likewise sets its positions.


Müller Guttenbrunn GmbH Metran, Austria

Execution period:

01/2019 – 04/2019

Scope of suply:

  • Design concept and engineering of the complete system
  • Installation of the complete equipment (fire pump, control system)
  • Interfacing of automatic monitor fire extinguishing system with existing fire detection system
  • Installation of new extinguishing control system (LACS*)
  • Automatic sectoral control of automatic montir fire extinguishing system and radio remote control
  • Control panel in the technical room

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