Stationary Spray Water Extinguishing System

Swiss Grid AG, Substation Laufenburg

Stationary Spray Water Extinguishing System with foam for 4 transformer á 267MVA incl. three phase earthing transformer

As the national grid company, Swissgrid has been responsible for the operation, safety and expansion of the 6700km extra-high-volltage grid since 2009. Swissgrid took over the grid in 2013, which represented an important milestone on the patz towards electricity market liberalisation.

The newly constructed transformer poles and the neutral point generator are optimally protected around the clock by the automatic deluge system with foram admixture. If the detection system (pneumatic and/or electrical) detects a hot spot, the extinguishing system is automatically triggered and the area to be protected is cooled with extinguishing water or extinguished by adding foam. Early detection and subsequent cooling can reduce further damage to the system and costly failures.


Swissgrid AG

Aarau, Switzerland

Execution period:

08/2018 – 04/2019

Scope of supply:

  • Conception and engineering of the stationary extinguishing system and the extinguishing system control
  • Delivery and assembly of the pump and valve container including foam admixture
  • Delivery and installation of the complete extinguishing lines and the fire service feed point
  • Delivery and installation of the extinguishing system control including detection and alarming
  • Delivery of the extinguishing water basin with a usable volume of over 800m³
  • Commissioning and training by ACCURO Sonderlöschanlagen GmbH

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