Extinguishing System Diesel Power Plant

MAN Diesel power plant ACCREP7, Saudi Arabia


MAN Diesel & Turbo has received an EPC-contract to build a power plant for the Arabian Cement Company (ACC) in Saudi Arabia. This power plant was equiped with engines and will be provide power to a cement factory in Rabigh.
ACCURO Sonderlöschanlagen protected as follows:

Fire detection system, gas system HFC227 (FM200), foam system, water spray extinguishing system

The power plant is monitored with a fire detection system in Powerhouse, Pumphouse and E-Annex building, additionally the Powerhouse is equipped with Indoor hydrants, as well as the oil tanks are protected with a foam extinguishing system and the Pumphouse is protected with a spray water extinguishing system.

The water supply lines for the water extinguishing systems and outdoor hydrants, as well as the fire fighting pumps had been also supplied from ACCURO, furthermore a separate valve container, which includes the valve stations for water and foam extinguishing systems, has been provided.

In addition in the E-Annex building several rooms are protected with a FM200 (HFC227ea) gas extinguishing system.


MAN Diesel SE

Execution period:

04/2016 - 11/2018

Scope of suply:

  • Water spray extinguishing system
  • Gas system HFC227ea (FM200)
  • Fire detection system
  • Detectors
  • Fire extinguisher

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