Engineroom Protection for Shipping Fleet

Engine Room Protection for Wolfgangsee Shipping Fleet


Sailing on Wolfgangsee lake has existed since the time of the Emperor. In 1873 the paddle wheel steamer Kaiser Franz Josef I was launched. Since 2016, the entire fleet (RMS Kaiser Franz Josef I, MS Austria, MS Salzkammergut, MS Wolfgang Amadeus, MS Salzburg) was equipped with clean agent gas extinguishing system and fire alarm and detection system to protect its engine rooms.

Novec-1230 Clean Agent Gas Extinguishing and Fire Alarm and Detection System

The Clean Agent Gas Extinguishing and Fire Alarm and Detection System were installed and put into operation as part of various conversions and renovations of the ships. The systems installed consists of an agent cylinder, extinguishing nozzles and piping system, fire alarm and detection system, alarm notification devices, smoke, and heat detectors. The gas extinguishing systems can only be activated using a cable operated manual pull station. Fire alarm and detection system monitors the engine room with smoke and heat detectors and controls the gas extinguishing system (release box, cylinder pressure monitoring and discharge pressure switch). In case of fire or the opening of the release box, the warning devices activates and ventilation flaps will close.


SalzkammergutBahn GmbH


Execution period:

10/2017 – 02/2019


Scope of suply:

  • Design and engineering
  • Supply of complete system with 252 kg of Novec-1230 extinguishing agent
  • Installation of the complete system
  • Third party approval

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