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High-expansion foam

Special requirement on the fire protection concept

Helicopter landing pads place particular demands on fire protection concepts. On one hand, helicopters carry high volumes of fuel and on the other, the landing pads are very often on the roofs of hospitals, high-rise buildings or oil platforms - places which are difficult for the fire brigade to reach. If, following an accident, the fuel ignites, immediate action must be taken. Even if the fire brigade are able to gain access to the landing pad, extinguishing the fire manually would be too late.

In order to fight the fire, it must be ensured that the fire is extinguished efficiently and thoroughly. Human error must be eliminated from the outset.

Example of a fire protection concept:

High-expansion foam is the most suitable extinguishing medium for this purpose. The landing platform is designed with a closed circular pipeline with foam nozzles. The number and adjustment of the special nozzles should be designed in such a way that the entire landing area can be sufficiently covered with extinguishing foam. The nozzles can alternately be set to full jet and spray jet. The entire area of the platform is therefore sprayed as well as the helicopter itself. This largely prevents a radiation of heat to the surrounding area.

In order to effectively shield leaked fuel from coming into contact with atmospheric oxygen, pop-up nozzles have been installed in the ground of the landing area. As soon as pressure is exerted in the piping system, nozzles pop up in the landing area and spray the extinguishing concentrate.

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