Office buildings

Sprinkler or water mist system

For new office buildings, a structural fire protection system is developed in the planning stages.

As a minimum requirement, the fire alarm system should be provided with a control panel in the front office. If the building stretches across several floors or the office space is designed as open-plan, a stationary extinguishing system is mainly used. In most cases, a sprinkler system is prescribed by authorities or insurance companies. In certain cases however, a water mist system may also prove to be a practical option (low water requirements, low water damage, thinner pipelines, etc.).


This decision may be based on the following requirements:

  • The fire must be detected as rapidly as possible.
  • The extinguishing technology must be reliable and cost-effective.
  • Extinguishing the fire should only have a minimal effect on operating procedures (keywords: water damage).

The fire protection system for an office building may be designed as follows:

  • An optical smoke detector in the individual offices and corridors.
  • A sprinkler extinguishing or water mist system to suppress the fire.

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