Repair / modernisation

Many fire protection systems were built decades ago according to the international guidelines at that time. However, they were never, or only poorly maintained. Modernisation works were often only carried out insufficiently.

This was not only the situation in developing and emerging countries, but also affected many systems in Western industrialised countries. The reasons for these shortcomings are varied. One of the main arguments was that fire protection systems were not "absolutely" necessary for production and were expensive. Further reasons included a lack of a safety management system and awareness of existing fire risks. The reality was that many renowned companies (oil producers, power plants, steel works, etc.) were exposing themselves to huge fire risks. The threat posed to humans, the environment and the existence of companies, was often underestimated.

ACCURO therefore specialises in bringing outdated systems up to standard. The necessary costs involved can often only be calculated after an in-depth functional test. Depending on the condition of the system, original parts have to be replaced or repaired. This does not only present a logistical challenge, but also requires a high level of specialist knowledge and expertise.

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